Newsletter #35

Pictures from the end of 2023

Remember the glorious clear skies and a beautiful days.....

.......but no wind for testing the extended keels of the club yachts!

A warship day is planed for next June

Alan's puffer finally sailed well

Andrew E's ORSV

all together with John S's tug

Strange things left at the lakeside

Circlip pliers.......

........and no idea what this is?

Surgery for Andrew E's duck!

Shortened replacement coupling

Open day at the Community Centre

Display of boats by the boat club and a video of the trains on computer

The duck seems to have recovered well

Then off to the lake

Andrew U's narrowboat - but no one steering!

Malcolm's very cost effective water to 'steam' unit at a club meeting

Club members programming microprocessors

The graceful lines of John K's 30 inch pond yacht - in need of restoration

Dominic's minesweeper, bought at Headcorn

Mark explains and demonstrates his ION engines....

......but do they boldly go ?

Gordon's 3D printed outboard motor works very well

Jeff got the crew to hold the wire while............

.... the engineer fitted the final parts to 'Scud'



John K

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