Newsletter #34

October 2023

Over 50 pictures from the Southern Model Show 2023

A bit late, but it took some time to get all the ducks in a row!

'Titanic' complete with dockside 

Iron Duke

Detailing on Iron Duke

Dek and Dom's boats

with Dom's purchase at the show

The Surface Warship Association

What patience to make those railings

One way to transport your models

Royal Yacht

and Royal N L I

just beautiful

Shepton Mallet 'Drifters'

Uplyme Model Dockyard

Now that is a big model!

Chantry club stand compete with Amphicar

ORCA 'Lady of Glenmorrow'


Classic speedboat

These take me back to my youth - remember these?

Part of Cygnets stand

Keep on trucking

Nice Riva

Part of Dover's stand

more Dover

and more lifeboats

Kent Model Display Team

Kent Model Display Team (2)

More history -  a Maycraft Mercury

Installer Diver Support Vessel

Great tug models....

.....and more

Black Park had cakes!

When warships were white like cruise liners


Southend club - John looks comfortable

Didn't recognise Frank without his hat

Interesting submerged electric pods made the square riggers motor along

Boats sailing on the pond when the public had gone at the end of the day


Jean sails her 12 metre alongside John Coster (SWA)

ideal wind for sailing

a tug....... towing

note the barriers to protect the public

excellent Freeman model



weathered models

lifeboat on hand................... 

...............Bill's Sea Hornet  is on the water

The end of a glorious day

Time to pack up

for transport you need special boxes with tall protection for masts that fit in their car

but if you buy another boat at the show....Um?

Happy Boating

John K

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