Newsletter #30

'Solar Challenge' June 10th 2023

20 new boats were made for this year

Four challenges: Straight running, guess your run time, racing and concours 

All you had to do was aim your boat

and score points between the buoys

and it was timed to compare to your guess

Andrew's 'Pantene' bottle based boat scoring 1 point for an outer

then knockout racing between guide ropes 

Malcolm's vs Deklyn's brick shaped models

11 of the 15 boats that competed (concours d'elegance judging)

Bill changing propellers for the racing

You can do this too! It takes just a few days to make one of these

A basic shape boat of 205mm by 65mm (the maximum size allowed) made from Liteply

Day 2 fitting the standard 500 size solar motor, 2mm propshaft and a 30mm M2 prop.

temporarily using brass tube for alignment, will be replaced by 1/16 bore silicon tube for coupling

day 3,  add some balsawood sides

...and a liteply top to take the two 60mm x 60mm solar panels

Day 4, a first coat of paint and a home-made rudder

another coat of paint, connect up the wires and away it goes!


Also on the challenge day

Sid and Cynthia - Swan lake

Gordon's landing craft with 360 degree servo to raise and lower the bow ramp

PJ's tug

Graham's Perkasa


Deklyn's very fast Lesro Javelin

Other bits and bobs

Jeff's scud first float test 

3D printed Fairey Marine teardrop navigation lights ready for LED's

A hot day melted this PLA printed anchor - now replaced by ABS

sailing in Leonardslee Gardens

a beautiful sight

Leonardslee sailing photos by Steve

A schnellboot at Crowborough


Sunny Saturday afternoons

May the sun shine on all your boating

John K

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