Newsletter #29

'Bring a Boat day' May 13th

The sun shone and the sky was very blue

What's this?

Where's that?

Better go and see!

Whatever it is, it seems very popular!

and it's free!

I wish I'd been there

but I missed this one.

Se Hornet being driven by?

Bill's TLM Plashy tug

An aircraft carrier by John S 

Geraldine takes control

Nick's yacht

Steve looks very pensive

It was so popular to 'press the button'. They wore it out!


'Model Boat Mayhem' at Wicksteed Park May 27th

View of the Wicksteed model boating lake over Frank's trademark leather hat

Another glorious day

Boats galore


and some real classics

Stevenage club circuit racing boats gave a demonstration

Clyde built Helen Peele

Gonna need a longer trailer!

This model is rather more successful than the original Yamoto

Many hovercraft

Fairmile D

Our neighbours for the day

We needed to set up back from the edge - it got crowded

Items for sale

more items for sale

Nicely modified Thunder Tiger Christine

Several traders were there

Straight running wedges

Pull start 2 strokes - takes me back 

More hovercraft with the tea tent beyond

straight running demonstartion

Straight running - aim your boat

Steam powered straight runners still have an Art Deco style

It aint over 'til the fat lady sings!

Southend club boats


Thames barges

All set for Dunkirk?

A nice example of a Crash Tender

and one of the many Riva

Swordsman (ish) and Swordsman

Sorry don't know

Nearly locals

I've no idea what the blue barrier was for

This straight running is easy when you have radio control!

I think I've seen this boat before

Happy Sailing

John K

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