Newsletter #28

A great start to 2023

The season started when the Mayor (David Neeves) came to open the train rides for the year.

 He had a go at the egg and spoon race. Richard scoring, Jean timing

After much testing, it was found that a polystyrene ball was the most suitable 'egg'

Difficult to see, but the 'egg' is still in place as this early competitor completes the course

Very fortunate Easter weather brought out a sunshade

One of the first to arrive, Bill Oliver had completed this Americas Cup yacht

Making themselves comfortable for the day

18 competitors took part in the 'egg and spoon' race

No one tried it with a yacht!

Peter Bates sailed his RAF recue launch

Goes extremely realistically

The Border Force patrolled the marker buoys 

Mark and John setting up something?

Graham with his 3d printed torpedo tubes

Just about to dislodge the egg by hitting the buoy!

Andrew making good progress around the course

Bill Andrews and my thumb in the same picture

Bill's rather quick cat going slowly

Spoon taped on ready as Gordon prepares for his go

Not sure of what role Blu Tack plays in model boating?  

Press the button and up it comes with a terrifying roar!  - So that's what is it is

Robin with 'Mr Tom'

Mr Tom sails as the train goes by

Richard's boat collection

Mark's air boat - note the very unusual rudders! 

Even less usual is his design for a solar boat

Peter's Huntsman 31

Deklyn's Pegasus

Native Americans paddle their own canoe

Something needs rescuing!

Surface rescue is easier - folding arms and a floating line 

Jean's 'Tangerine Dream' Springer

Not many yachts that day, but they went well in the conditions

Free sailing

Working water pump on this crash tender

and the winner is......dramatic pause.......  John S


Behind the scenes

Club members (along with several others not in the picture) cleared leaves from the bottom of the pond 

Quite a depth of leaves had built up over the winter - now much reduced

John K was disqualified from the competition as he had done the testing of various combinations of spoons and 'eggs' beforehand

An underground drain pipe had been installed from the pump chamber

It's a Bunyip!

You can now buy a house with an upstairs view of the Crowborough miniature railway!

What more could anyone want?

John K

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