Newsletter #27

Get ready for 2023!

As usual the season will start when the Mayor comes to open the train rides for the year.

Anyone is welcome to bring and sail their boat on the day - you don't have to be a member of the club.

Just aim to have finished your latest project for a grand launching.

It is hoped there will be one or two new features for that day - but you'll have to wait and see!

Winter is over.....

........and the mist is clearing....... reveal the monster of the lake

It didn't scare everyone.

A superb kayak model by visitor, Graham Royle, down South from Cheshire on holiday 

At the February meeting Mark explains focusing light onto solar panels using mirrors.

Nick has re-engined his Riva Aquarama

Now for sale, John K's twice size Sea Commander, all 5 foot 8 inches of it.


Also seeking new owner, Bill Andrew's Vigilant

Andrew has acquired this Italeri PT boat

Some Projects

Jeff's Scud is progressing.....

........from stem to to stern

Deklyn had drawn his solar boat ready for 3d printing

Whereas John K has reverted to liteply..............

............... and plenty of freeboard

Andrew has opted for Basswood.....

.......but initially chose the wrong paint

Ian's landing craft is taking shape

In March, Mark explains his device for measuring the thrust of the solar motors when using different propellers  

Jean has been making flags using computer printer paper intended for ironing images onto T-shirts 

A very realistic result

Peter's latest boat, beautifully built by Paul  

Peter is now building his own Vosper MTB 379 (380).......

.......from the Sarik short kit of a plan and laser cut wood

Andrew's fishing boat being ballasted in the test tank 

The pond pump 'currently unplugged' due to water in the compartment. Not our project

For a project? Useful parts are salvaged when the radio fails on one of the many 'two motor steering' ready-to-run boats

Wishing you all a very enjoyable season's boating

John K

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