Newsletter #26 Miscellaneous pictures from

the end of 2022

Autumn sunshine

A reminder of warmer days

The Autumn sun in shirtsleves seems a long time ago

An interesting craft arrived. The big wheels mean ............. can drive straight off the bank into the water.

Another strange craft!

classic pond yacht meets modern fast catamaran

More yachts on the pond........

................and some real wind at last

Alan (Albert) and Alan discuss why it goes forwards but not backwards

Ken's jet boat with leaks repaired 

Even more yachts

Malcolm's Perkasa showing improved performance from a smaller propeller

Andrew with his listing fishing boat

Malcolm's dog 'Jasper' is not frightened by crocodiles!

Late Autumn - no wind

The Easton's fleet


The Bognor Regis Club's first ever sailing day

visitors assemble at the pond side

An updated plastic Crash tender

A Moonglow and a Southampton tug

Another fine MTB

The low water level prevented this big yacht sailingl

The organisers (one hiding) with some of the boats


Winter projects

Barclay's motor sailer pictured here after a test. Its mast and sails having been removed for transporting home 

Gordon's Hobbies Kit 'Japonica' is yet to be tested

Jeff's model of 1896 Steam Yacht 'Scud' 

The mirrored half model originally exhibited in 1897

The photograph of Scud at speed

The rather complex bow fabricated

Charles' latest model is a 1:12 scale model of a Swedish Lifeboat. Powered by twin Oceanworks Waterjets and Brushless Motors

Nick's 34 inch Huntsman 31 needs motorising

As does his Bluebird of Chelsea

Jeff has finished his Americas Cup yacht

2023 Solar Challenge

One of the 20 pairs of 60mm x 60mm solar panels 

The 500 series solar motor showing possible support for the soldered connections

The soldered connections to the copper trace on the panels would also benefit from support to prevent failures.

Now looking forward to seeing what boats members have created

A Happy New Boating Year from all to all

John K

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