Newsletter #24 Miscellaneous from September 2022

A Gala day at Crowborough

Busy scene at the lakeside at the end of August

Mark's lighthouse guards the pump filter

Paul is going Japanese

Simon laid back sailing

Until Martin's German tank appears

Very realistic rust and damage

and an articulated tank commander

Byron and Alan G

Ian's restored rowing boat

Journalist Mike Taylor (seated) has a go

Six rudders and a barge behind.... 

.....but John S has it all under control

Midweek sailing

Ben's RAF Crash Tender with new Flysky radio installed

new pump and fire hoses working

If you wonder what happens at club meetings.

It takes three members to install a new radio! Is that a Bob's board I can see?

While others sort through the bits and pieces being given away

A preview of boat yet to appear at the lake

Another Puffer, this time Peter Bates'

No 'Bob's Board' in this one

and a preview of some fittingss

No 3D printing this time

John K assembles stainless steel cleats

Crowborough members travel to other clubs

John and Jean K take their boats to a Southend-on-Sea club scale event

Frank (Southend scale rep) judges Alan B (OMRA) at the docking obstacle

Also some Club 500 racing on the day, all boats fitted with transponders

Chris J's pictures of weed clearing on Wednesdays for the new club in Bognor Regis

Ideal pond with concrete and a rubber fender round. The water level yet to be raised

 and what is best to go with a day's weed clearing?

a big breakfast in the Hotham Park cafe!


Happy Boating

John K