Newsletter #23 from August 2022

Stars on Sunday!

The Vintage Model Yacht Group day

Some Star Yachts of Birkenhead (photo Jeff)

The Vintage Model Yacht Group (toy section) regatta at Crowborough

No radio control in sight

Which means they set off from one side......

.......and need turning round at the other side

Having people standing around the perimeter.......

.....reduced the need to walk all around (photo Robin)

Keeping everyone busy all day, but in a very, very relaxed way !

including the stars of the future! (photo VMYG)

(we did get permission to post the picture)

Vintage motor boat collection

The plastic yacht collection

Boats drying in the sun (beige is the 'in' colour for grass in 2022)

Interesting Kay clockwork motor boat (VMYG)

At times the water was rather crowded (VMYG)

A metal model called HMS Terrible somewhat similar to the record breaking Marklin model (VMYG)

There was a real HMS Terrible around in 1900 but not like this one. (VMYG)

John S' Thames barge fitted in well with the yachts on the day (photo Robin)

Welcome shade on a sunny day under the gazebo (photo Malcolm)

Other boats sailing that day.......

Byron's vintage fleet \(VMYG)

Paul's Italian cruiser 'POLA', testing different propellers  

John B's Brumah

Some August Saturday afternoon Sailings

Ben has restored this Crash Tender

Alan (Albert) has built this beautiful model - It is a Nordkapp but with a different number and not light blue!

Happy Boating

John K