Newsletter #22 from July 2022

The hot, dry summer continues

Saturday sailings

Nick Byrne steals the wind from Jean Kerr - what wind?

Three wise men? John K, John S an Alan G 

Still no wind....but they have actually moved!

Jeff has built a very fine 'Diva' model

Malcolm Place's Bismark

Professional photo of Fordsport taken by Mike Taylor 


Boats on the Mote (Maidstone) July 24th

Setting up early at Mote Park

Crawley's Tubby population keeps on growing

The deep water can require specialist rescue equipment

The banner says it all

Having seen the forecast, John K invested in a new hat for the summer

Yachts of all shapes and sizes

Even Martin's very large Riva Aquarama looks small out there

Nice Crash Tender complete with window frames and fittings

The sun sparkled on the water

Lots of yellow fibreglass for the fast boats

Time slots for different types of boat - Ooops, sorry!

Such magnificent detail

Huntsman 28 sets sail

John Barnes' fishing boat heads for the deserted fishing grounds - not a sole to be seen.....

.....better try another plaice

Terry's hydrofoil was really flying

Perfect day for speedboat ride

The fast workboat section

Unrealistic, non-scale, oversized people in the background

The Crowborough stand - photo by Richard Jeffrey. Martin and Theresa have gone missing

Ah, there they are!

Happy Boating

John K