Newsletter #21 May/June 2022

The start of a hot summer?

The Caldercraft Norhlight kindly given by Granville Davies

The boat was passed on to new member Alan Ground at the club meeting

Currently awaiting radio but will soon be back on the water

John Kerr's Fairey Marine Swordsman is nearing completion

once they can be sailed, the full detailing tends to wait!

Nick Byrne's Riva Aquarama suffered electrical problems

John Shepherd has now sorted the electrics in this tug but................

.... the next problem is poor steering in reverse!


His other twin motor boat looks complicated inside....

......but works beautifully!

Alan Ground practices steering with a model boat

Mark Waller has improved his lighthouse to warn of the underwater pump filter.

The model bating lake part of Bradbourne Lakes, Sevenoaks

lots of weed in the upper left of this picture....

......but clear enough in the opposite corner.....

....for Jean to sail a boat at their Jubilee celebration event

Club boats displayed with Byron raising awareness of the Sevenoaks model boating pond

One Saturday afternoon the Crowborough water was getting crowded!

Happy Boating

John K