Newsletter #20 April 2022

Good Friday - start of the season

A great start to the season

Crowds descend on the area - the mayor is around somewhere.

Setting up for the day

Buoys were set out for boat snooker

Peter Bates studies the other Huntsman

Jeff Ayres' 'Mona's Isle' Isle of Man ferry

Ian Pratt's IOW ferry loaded with cars

Chris Monk's Fenchurch paddler with aromatic smoke

Terry Lawrence was testing his new tug

All the detail fittings including the people were made by Chris Monk for his fishing boat

It looks to be out at sea - a good job they are wearing life jackets

Scale models. Yes, but all different scales

Peter Bates' Huntsman

Picnic time at the lake

International rescue - Yus m'lady

It was a range problem for the bat-boat. Hopefully the new owner can fix it

Appears to be driving lessons by Nick Byrne

It works! John Shepherd's Tow Boat with different motors and new ESC 

Like ships that pass in the day!

Deklyn Pekham poses for a picture. His yellow boat was the fastest boat there that day

Byron Brown's Arran Rose now with less weight of battery

Mark made an illuminated lighthouse to 'mark' the end of the submerged filter 

A winning team:

Ken Pond, Mark Waller and John Shepherd narrowly won the Springer football (12 - 1)

John Kerr's Huntsman 'Fordsport' going slowly for once

Jean Kerr launching her yacht

Ian Pratt contemplates his 'Roll-on, Roll-in?' ferry ramp 

If you can't get to France, go to the Isle of Wight. Red Funnel are still operating

Nick Byrne's 'Fairwind' sailed well in the light airs on the day


Apologies to the many other boats present that were not photographed that day

Happy Boating

John K