Barge Rescue Challenge 2016

This challenge is to rescue a barge that has broken away from its moorings and presents a threat to shipping (think thunderbirds meets the RNLI)

The contest is a timed run for single skippers and teams of up to 3 skippers. The idea is to make a boat or boats capable of retrieving the barge and stopping it at a dock we will provide. The barge (wee beasty) is 900mm long 200mm wide the waterline is unknown at the moment.

There is no limit on motors, batteries or design, just as long as your rescuing boat is less than 18 long. You can push, pull or tow it into position but if you sink it you are going in to get it and you are deemed to have sunk yourself! There are strong hand rails on both the bow and stern for you to couple on to and steel plates if you fancy using magnets. There will also be some metal bollards.

The competition format is this:

The barge is held to a marker buoy at one end of the pond and the competitor or team is at the other end. When the word is given and the stopwatch started the barge will be released and the team will sail to get it. You will then bring it back under your boats power to the dock avoiding any obstacles and stop with the barge alongside the quay between two markers. The clock stops when the barge is stationary. Quickest time wins.

This is not so much a test of outright speed and power but of control and communication between the team members.

The barge (pictured below) will be at the lake on Good Friday for practice.

Good luck.

Chris Monk.


Pictures of the event