2016 Barge Rescue Challenge


with thanks to Bob Morrisson for many of the pictures

The engineer's solution

John - 'Here comes Chris again. Jean, quick, hide the grub'.

Let go aft!

Chris M demonstates what he had in mind.....

....but nobody else did it like this

So near yet so far

A bit more practivce and I'll be able to do it without stabilisers

Chris J. - ' If I can sneak it in now I might get a head start!'
Chris M. - 'If he thinks I don't know what he's up to, he's going to get a surprise as this barge is booby-trapped!'

Grim determination here! Concentration and gritted teeth are essentials to success. Good batteries help too.

John - 'How did all that water and frogs get in there?'

Forget the technology - More power! (Jeremy Clarkson)

Bob's new destroyer

It's all calm on the Mersey today

We know a song about that

Training the barge

Almost there

Mark's new friend BB8

It's almost human inside

BB8 goes for a swim

Full steam a-sideways - the winner!

John's boat 'Catastrophe'

Chris M's magnetic attachment