Southern Model Air Show

9th September 2017

Setting up on our pitch. This year alongside the pond

Pride of place on our stand was this Zwarte Zee. Donated to the club by Alan Jordan and

restored by Jeff Ayres 

All quiet before the public arrive

It was good to see some freighters


An overflow of warships

beutifully nailed planking on this characterful cruiser

Nice boat.... could be bigger?

Some really well detailed tugs

A good starting point for lifeboats

Classic Italian style varnish and chrome

Rows and rows of boat club stands

Large pitches from Dover to Herne Bay

The sun shone until 4:00pm

Club stands surround the pond

Two Chris' and two Johns face a broadside from Iron Duke

The pond was busy all day

You could see more boats....

....if I hadn't put this big white thing in the way

Built on a hull after shortening and removing its clipper bow!

Keep on truckin'

All made from re-cycled material!

Big kits

One concession to practicality - it has a tow-bar

Why have one engine when you can have two?

Mid-sized Landy

The car racing involved some flying

The drone racing course - spectacular flying

A racing drone - the big battery gives just 4 minutes

Tanks trundled around the site

The man in the background gives an idea of size!

Grays grazing

Sub's up!

Its not fictitious, I've seen it and here's the photo to prove it!

Another Waverley. The real thing next month

Remember these?

I wouldn't row there Mark, Martin's ORCA thinks there's a 'Great White' shark neaby


Appologies to the Thames barges, the many traders and 'planes for no pictures this time.