Gazebos surround the lake and the sun shines

Time slots for submarines.....

......and slots for less stable craft..... 

....and for fast boats 

This Eco friendly propulsion even arrived by bicycle

Others came by truck?

and this one was last seen in a pub!

Mmmm - time for some Springer football

A level playing field. Springer tug hull mandatory, Springer Spaniel optional   

Even VAR couldn't sort this lot out

Head for the goal Parker! - Yus M'lady

What constitutes a foul anyway?

The final score......  8 - 1 

Maiden outing for this steamboat

Shark infested waters

Several challenged themselves around the boat snooker course

Another nice Banckert

Two realistic swans but no Cygnets this day 

Heron club chilling out

others take a train ride

Crawley club gave a commentary on the P.A. 

Dover and Dabblers

Crowborough and Dover submarine displays


Scale models but not the same scale

A really classic little ship

Could be going to Dunkirk to get our 'Buoys' back! 

Thanks to Mark and Malcolm for topping up the pond to nose level........

........and not forgetting the pond cleaning that made it possible

... but does he do the vacuuming at home?