Newsletter 9 November 2020

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To remind those of us who are currently not allowed out what the Crowborough pond is like..... Here are some pictures of Ken Pond's completed stern trawler 



Deklyn has bought a Lesro Javelin for restoration and sent this information

I'm currently doing a refurb on an old boat that I got cheap. I'm changing the motor and esc, as they are very old, and I mean old, see the pictures below.

Power transistors and heat sink

Speed controller


but progress is being made

cleaned up and new servo fitted

new brushless motor - awaiting ESC


John B's Bluebird of Chelsea hull halves joined

some bulkheads and deck stringers installed

above the bench is John's completed Gurnsey after its refurbishment



John K has started cutting out the frames for his narrowboat models. Both boats are being built in parallel. Shown below are the frames for OMEGA and the base plate & uxter plate for PHANTOM   

Jean, however, has completed a narrowboat. It is a cross-stitch picture of a steam powered narrowboat as built by FMC from the 1880's to 1920's. It is shown going under bridge 53 into Woodend lock on the Trent and Mersey canal. The picture is 12" x 8.5" on 14 count = 40,000 stitches!


Several members have built small ponds in their gardens

Chris Jenner has sent details of his garden pond

I built it early this summer as a lockdown project. It is above ground on a levelled site with a rectangular frame work made up of new sleepers 10 tall, plated together. The frame made from 6 x 2.4m long sleepers giving a pond 2.4m wide x 4.8m long approx.  It ended up approx x 12 deep apart from the edges. Whilst it could be deeper it would take more water. Basically, it's that size because that was the max I could fit on that part of the garden, It is a bit restricting for the bigger stuff while manoeuvring, but ok with smaller ones,

I have circulation pump running in summer months. No plants or fish in it so added some chlorine to keep it clear. Whenever I empty any of it, its in a higher part of the garden so siphoning is easy. As the house is up for sale, the pond was designed with disassembly and removal in mind !!


Martin has built a smaller one for testing. It is very useful for testing diving submarines as getting the balance right is not easy. He is seen here testing one of his latest builds - a type IIB U boat.

Martin has published a series of videos covering the build of the sub on youtube. This image was captured near half-way through stage 6.

See you on Zoom!