Newsletter 8 October 2020

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Jeff has added to the cats around his house, claiming that this one wouldn't eat as much food.  

Balmoral and cat poolside

From Chris Jenner

His pond is sheltered from the Northwind?

amazingly the keel didn't ground!

Filling in some gaps in his Huntsman 31

Note: twin props and the cavitation plate

From Ian:

The large Graupner Schottle drive is now installed in his IOW ferry

It sticks out a long way but gives amazing manoeuvrability

Quite a challenge cutting out the logo and letters

From John K

One of the replacement window frames he has made for his Huntsman 31. Above, the more correct shape, now made in plastic. Below, the rather weird wooden original as supplied in the kits. 

John K's next projects

The intention is to make two 1:24 scale narrowboat models based on OMEGA, a 57 semi-trad and PHANTOM, a 58 foot trad.


John had intended to modify the two kits that he has.

 JODIE  is a 30 x 3.5 inch all wood narrowboat kit. The width makes it 1:24 scale for a 60 footer - the ideal basis for the models.

 Unfortunately the DENBY kit below, although also 30 inches long, is a 1:20 scale model of a 50 footer and therefore not suitable. Converting this to a 1:24, 57 footer would mean taking out one half inch down the centre line of the fibreglass hull and the roof, lowering the superstructure and reshaping the ends! John has decided to make the second boat from scratch in wood instead.

 Does anyone want the kit of fibreglass hull, plastic superstructure and plan etc. for a 50 foot narrowboat? just email John Kerr and its yours for free!  

The rains keep coming and boating is now possible


Happy Boating