Lockdown Newsletter 6

July 2020

From Malcolm Place:

The Town Council have started cleaning the pond.  One afternoon, they started draining the water out with a petrol driven pump, saying that removing the water will make it easier to clean. Progress was slow due to several kinks in the flexible draining pipe.  I tried to straighten it as I left but it was going to take a long time to drain with kinks in the pipe. In short,  the 32 amp circuit breaker in the station kept tripping and by a factor of trial and error it was found that it was the pump in the pond. This caused Dan the Council guy to investigate.  It was established that the silt in the pond, which we noticed when the water became cloudy when walking in the water, was a main cause of the pump failing.

The Council decided to drain the water to clean the pond and see what was happening.  It turns out that the concrete in the bottom isn't sealed, hence the cloudy water. I have no idea at this time what they plan to do about this deteriorating pond base but hopefully they will do the right thing for the future and our club. I have emailed the council with an enquiry about the boating lake and await their reply.

I have a friend at the Bluebell railway with a steam launch which he needs advice on making it radio controlled.  He is also keen on joining our club but lives at Brighton! I have explained that RCing the steering would be possible but control over the steam could be problematic. Malcolm

From Martin Pryor:

Martin has completed his Riva after several goes at varnishing the deck. He is now anxious to test it. Having sold their larger car, he now has a problem transporting such a large model.

His Riva has a V8 engine sound unit and an engine cover that lifts up controlled from the transmitter





 Martin is about to start building two submarines, the hulls will be arriving shortly


From Jeff Ayres:

Balmoral: portholes attached ready for painting

Also from Jeff Ayres: Chrome but not as we know it (Apologies to Star Trek)

I re-painted some of the chrome painted top rail on the VAChallenger with yacht varnish and when dry over-painted with a further coat of chrome using a small brush which seems to improve the finish. It now looks like stainless steel.

John Kerr has also been trying out the same chrome spray paint, to see if it is an improvement over Humbrol Chrome (191). The spray paint looks really good when you sprayed over virgin plastic but the finish is not very durable.John tried lacquer over the good chrome finish to protect it but the lacquer acted like paint stripper, peeling off the chrome paint 

John then tried spray gloss varnish over the chrome paint on the vents below. However this turns the finish to a smooth silver/grey no longer chrome.

We would welcome input from anyone else who has had a go with chrome paint


From Ian Pratt:

 I have had an e-mail from the Crowborough Community Centre about restarting meetings. They would like our input. One idea is to start using the main hall only. Also, they would like any suggestions we have, to make  it functional  for our particular club.  I thought - waiting until RM3 would be useable, not having tea and coffee,  and possibly using the sidedoor for entrance and exit. I also wondered whether we started at 7.45pm so that the previous club would be well away.  

Currently the Centre remains closed

Until now we have been having weekly Zoom meetings on Friday evenings. From now on these will be monthly. Please contact Martin to get each meeting code and password and join in. These online meetings do not have to be on a Friday. Again contact Martin if you would prefer a different evening.


From John Walcroft:

Thought you may like to see the progress have made on the  Riva Aquarama. I have lots of sanding to finish then lots of varnish followed by fitting all the deck fittings.



From Charles Bowley:

Hi John, attached are a few photos of what I have been up to, for the next newsletter. I have completed the hull, deck and wheelhouse GRP mouldings, and have started to fit the water jets. I have also just purchased a Proxxon Mini Lathe!

Hope you are keeping well. Regards, Charles





From John Kerr:

The sword with the word 'SWORDSMAN' has been 3D printed although my shadow makes it look more like WORDSMAN!

I know it's the wrong font but who's counting rivets?

and the seats are now in place in it and .......

......also in the Huntsman 31

all my Fairey Marine models now have fire extinguishers (BSS compliance?)

Just the toe rails, rear cabin portholes, cleats, fairleads, anchor winches, bow rollers, anchors & chains, boat hooks, side stripe & logos, boarding ladders, ropes, fenders, Kent screens, navigation lights, lifebelts, VHFs and aerials, cockpit lockers, flagpoles, exhaust pipes, trim tabs, boat names and some tidying up still to do!

 I'm undecided about fitting pulpit, pushpit and guardrails/stantions as they can be a bit fragile.


and finally....

Jean Kerr has also been busy


Click for video of Martin demonstrating the lights, engine sound and exhausts on his Riva   


Stay safe, John