Lockdown Newsletter 4

May/June 2020

Thanks to John Walcroft for pictures taken during construction of his Riva Aquarama.


and also From John W.....

I thought you may like to see the Model of the Cutty Sark   I bought in Mauritius fully completed and was flown home by BA and arrived all in one piece.

There is some very interesting you tube videos of them constructing these models in Mauritius.


From Chris Jenner

The Huntsman 31 is coming along in small stages, my plan for it, is to include the two brushed motors I already have in stock to be used , old school really ! For manoeuvrability over outright speed in the enclosed waters when it eventually gets wet!

Take care,  Chris


From Ken Pond

With all this time on my hands I thought instead of gardening and decorating I would like to do something different.  I was looking at some old Marine Modelling Magazine and I came across plans of a Shelter Deck Trawler called a Thor Guardian.  With Roger Tansley's help with some thin ply, motor, plus speed controllers and the loan of a small bench circular saw you can see the results so far in the photos.

I know why people buy kits instead of a sheet of paper with the plans printed and no information.  It has been interesting and keeps the brain working.  I hope you are all well. Ken.

From John Kerr

I have the initial components of my boat telemetry working, transmitting the boat speed calculated by a GPS module via bluetooth to an LCD display. I tested this by running around the garden holding the 'on-boat' components while Jean read off the speed from the 'on-shore' station. I acheived 6 MPH!

Stay safe, John

Initial 'on-boat' telemetry components: neo 6M GPS / Arduino nano / HC05 Bluetooth


What are they all looking at?

And finally..... make yourself comfortable for 7 minutes to watch what over 5 million others have watched


Staring Martin Pryor as himself!