Newsletter #32

Vintage Model Yacht Group 'Toy' yachts day

at Crowborough

Last year rather calm, this year rather too windy!

Steve with some of his boats

Richard made an early start

How hull designs have changed over the years

Action shot - spirited sailing!

Another very interesting collection

This boat went very well in the strong winds

Malins engineers (Mamod) 'Meteor' steam yacht 


More of Steve's boats

just beautiful

'wind up' boats of all sizes

John's Alexander

I can see Stars

More modern, but still classic

Star yacht hull

Andrew shows men really can do two things at once

Gordon successfully tested the replica Seagull outboard he is printing

Braine steering for running before the wind

The donated Bankert model has now been completed

Alan's puffer didn't run

A collision at some stage was unavoidable

Byron 'my other boats are bigger'

Speedboat. More leisurely than speedy

Even with a turning pole, there is still some bending down involved

A modern toy. R/C yacht from Lidl !

Another Clyde puffer, this one is Peter's

Hobbies 'Japonica' yacht with added keel ballast


This month's other pictures

Club night. Ken H  brought along his Medway Queen hull with the twin cylinder steam engine that he is building.

Visiting yachtsmen from Essex on Friday

Two of Jeff's Alexander yachts

May the wind be in your sails

John K

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