Newsletter 2

Welcome to a mid-April CMBC newsletter.

Having plenty of time has lead to many hours being spent in workshops. We shared views of these workshops in a couple of online meetings, courtesy of Martin and the free version of Zoom. It seemed very reminiscent of Jack Hargreaves' 'Out of Town' television programmes, broadcasting from his shed and disappearing off camera to get things to show. If you haven't yet joined in, members are welcome to do so. Just email Martin and he will send you the meeting time, ID and password.

Please take pictures of your current model boat projects and email them to me so that, in the absence of sailing pictures, we can continue with newsletters.

A picture from John Cooper of his Diva model. John says it is 90% there, should be a good steering competition boat, and was hoping to use it at Easter!!


Not the shed, nor the garage. Itís the greenhouse for the 'work in progress' on Ianís scratch built Isle of Wight ferry!

and when its finished 


Byron is continuing with the refurbishment of ĎSt Aidení (an inter island Hebrides steamer)Ö.

Ö. and the steam launch Victoria.


Deklyn was spending a day in the garden modelling the tenders for Calypso

Deklynís notes on the changes inside the hull of Pegasus.

I have made a dedicated compartment for the receiver, I was always worried I would get oil over it when I topped up the prop shaft lubrication tubes. It has a sliding Perspex lid for easy access.

You can just about see two black prop shaft bearing holders, these were drawn on AutoCad and 3D printed by a friend of mine then located just after the universal joints, I added these due the amount of unsupported shaft between the motors and rib where the outer shafts are fixed, about 100mm or 4" in old money.

The aluminium box behind the motors is the new housing for sound card I installed last year, with the addition of a 10w amplifier at 12v. As I'm only using a 6v supply it gives 5w, more than enough. The box also doubles up as a heat sink for the amplifier, probably not needed, but better safe than sorry. The reason I'm only using 6v is that this is the second battery I use as ballast in the stern. The speaker is mounted under the fore deck, is water proof and 100mm in diameter.

The fpv camera has been mounted in the bridge, pictures to follow in the next newsletter.

John Kerr has been soldering up the handrails for the Huntsman 31. First mill a jig from a block of wood.

Cut 15mm length of 1/8 brass rod and 5mm of brass tube. Solder at right angles. File the solder smooth. Repeat 20 times.

Bend the ends of the 1/8 stainless rod for the rails (after remembering to slide on the supports!). Bend to match the roof.

Epoxy in place through washers whilst being supported on spacers to ensure being parallel to the coachroof.

Lastly, order more brass for the next boat


....And finally....... Mark sent this picture of self-isolation!