Newsletter #19 February / March 2022

Midhurst show

A great show, Very well attended and lots of models 

A rainy day outside, but nice and warm inside. Part of the Crowborough club display by the cafe area in the Grange Centre 

Martin's submarines seem to be getting even bigger!

The occupants of his Riva appear delighted to be there

Chris Monk and co. relaxing on the Crawley stand. Matching shirts and tableclothes! 


A large slipper launch under construction from Eastleigh. What scale? 

Proof that there is someone else who thinks like Mark

Fabulous cruiser, all hand made including the stanchions

A straight runner / JAP 34 from the Victoria club 

Several outboards were on show

A Colin Archer on wheels

and plenty of other yachts

HMS Clyde offshore patrol vessel, just back from the Falklands? 

Another slipper launch, this time celebrating with champagne

A rare Gannet petrol engine with non-standard gearbox

Lifeboat corner

Terry's latest hydrofoil - Freccia D'oro with spring loaded front foils 

Open source 3D printed outboards with brushless motors, designed to look like British Seagull

One of several steamboats

Now that's an engine!

A few of the models in the Meccano halls......

A Meccano model of the Welland Canal lock gate lifter 1/3 inch to the foot

A Beyer Garratt loco

Undo a few bolts and large Meccano models can be taken apart for transportation


Also at the show was Ed Houghton's model of Ghost Rider, complete with charts.

Ghost Rider was the winner of the 1966 Cowes - Torquay race and particularly famous for finishing despite the co-driver breaking both ankles.

It being necessary to stand in racing powerboats to absorb the impact of hitting waves..... 

......Making the two differently shaped 'stand-up' seats (backrests) for my 'Fordsport'

Forming the windscreen using heat gun and a flower pot as a former!

It wasn't obvious at the show that the motors hadn't been installed at that time. They are now. Chris Monk did notice there were no propellers!


Happy Boating

John K