Newsletter #18 December / January 2022

 Jeff Ayres


Below:  Having completed about 100 portholes with gold inserts made from the shapes from BECC on their lettering sheet I am developing my own golden hue. Well, it looks like someone is at home on the ship

Peter Bates

New member Peter Bates has bought a nicely made 34inch Huntsman 31

Powered by an Mtroniks 600 brushless motor and running on 3s

A little nose heavy, but a good scale-like speed on the newly filled pond.

Although the pipe work is complete, the pump is yet to be fitted

A sweep up of the leaves and the pond will be nice and clean again

Mark Waller

Mark's 'musical fountain boat' under construction. Seen here at the December club meeting 

Joseph Booth

Joseph Booth is refurbishing this very nice Seahawk

John Kerr

After several failed attempts, an acceptable, spoked steering wheel for John's 'Fordsport' has been printed

Heads removed from Star Trek and Superman figures, leaving the bodies for the crew of 'Fordsport' etc.  

New heads with crash helmets, coats and (unfinished) lifejackets for Peter Twiss, Roger Clark and ??  Who was that third person in 1969? 

Computer ink-jet printed decals ready for spraying with varnish. I'll let you know if they come out alright!


Happy Boating

John K