Newsletter #17 October / November 2021

2021 Pond Refurbishment

The electricity supply for a new pump has been installed

The pipework is going in

The base and sides have been sealed up to the overflow

(photos from Mark Waller)

Ian has sent these pictures of making a loading ramp for his IOW ferry


Ian offers up the ramp for the expected water level 

The hinged ramp takes up the variation in water depth  

Martin's design for new torpedos now 3D printed in sections

Jeff Ayres' latest model. As yet uncertain of the actual original ship 

The black shape on the left is the ancient electric motor driving the twin shafts


Jean sails her yacht (built by John Shepherd) at Crowborough 

Kend Pond with German torpedo boat

With twin brushless motors it really is a 'Schnellboot'

boating can be a back braking hobby


Boats on the Mote

The Covid delayed 'Boats on the Mote' at Maidstone

Fast electrics 

Nice woodwork

Relaxing in the sunshine

Not enough room in the car boot - this model can make its own way there

Elegant yacht

and a classic 'double ender'

A collection of fast boats

Deep in thought

Another Cynets stand

I think they've pulled

Chantry club

The water was a bit crowded for the really fast boats  

Southend club

Roger, Chris, John. Some of the Crawley (and Crowborough) club members


Chris' Mr and Mrs Tubby have had an offspring - 'Mini Tubby' !


One of Paul Neve's superb warship fleet at Crowborough


Happy Boating

John K