Newsletter #16 September 2021

The Vintage Model Yacht Group (toy section) visit Crowborough

Beautiful day, but little wind

Glorious reflections of the past

Rigging at the pondside

Who needs radio control when you can just turn it at the side?.....................

....................but who needs to bend down when you've got a stick?

Sorry, I didn't note what this classic model is.......

.......and this one. If anyone knows please tell me...........

From Jeff Ayres

Hi John, I can confirm  that the boat was sold by Bassett Lowke as Mercury for one year in 1929

The wheel  at the stern connected the rudder to the steering wheel

The colours suggest it may be a German version as BL were involved with Bing at the time 

I do have one I restored including steering.


Ken Pond

has now fitted two small brushless motors to his RAF crash tender and he has a new speed controller that needs programming for the brushless motor in his fishing boat. He has also acquired a plastic model of a German torpedo boat from Roger.


From Deklyn Peckham

Finally got the Javelin on the water, the speed took me by surprise, have a small repair to do, glancing blow to the side of the pond. Oops!

 He is building a hydrofoil 'Rapier' that was featured in Marine Modelling Dec 1992

any problems in building are being ironed out

The very long prop shaft. Its a 21" cut down by about 2".

Undecided on the foils, might be brass, originals are aluminium, nut and bolted together, looks horrendous on the plan, lots of resistance in the water. At least with brass i can solder them together to keep the joins clean.

The way they fix to the hull, i can experiment with different configurations. Superstructure will be plastic card. My thinking is to keep the weight low down.

The rear foils are used for steering, like the ailerons on a airplane linked to the rudder with push rods and unequal bell cranks to limit their travel. I'm going to simplify this by using my computerised transmitter, I can mix the channels together and limit their travel that way.

Original boat is ic powered which must affect the balance as the fuel burns off. I will probably run it on 4 cells, split into two, 2 cell packs linked in series, one in each side of the hull. I'm thinking of a 400 to 600kv outrunner, just to give me more control through the voltage range. The ones I've seen, seem to have too many revs with brushless motors and looks like they go from to low revs to high and no happy medium.

Card template worked great for turning the the 3D curves to flat cutting template. Cut slightly bigger to trim back when glued in place.

I started gluing from the flat area at the stern, and stopped just before the hull started to curve. Then glued the curved sections, I used 5 min epoxy.

Next step is to trim back and fill the keel with some body filler......

..............then fit the prop shaft.

Going to seal the hull with 2 pack resin to waterproof and strengthen the hull and to give a smooth finish for painting.


The last time it ran, the Revos boat caught fire, it got caught on a stick in the pond. Because it couldn't move through the water, the cooling failed, the ESC got to hot, and went open circuit, smoking bad, took the top off and it burst into flames. New ESC ordered.

They don't make this one anymore, so found an equivalent. 


Mark Waller

 has been repairing a yacht at the repair café where the owner had ‘got into a muddle’ with the controls.

Mark's twin motored Z-1 suffered from poor steering and capsizing. He has also now fitted two rudders resulted in much better turning and staying upright.


John Shepherd

has dusted off his models after remodelling his house. .


Getting the family involved in sailing together

retrieved from the bottom of the pond

Interesting raft powered by elastic and two plastic spoons stuck together to form a paddlewheel


Children at the pond enjoy sending the solar boats from side to side

The parents like them too, as it wears the children out running around the edge of the pond!


Malcolm Place

has been motorising a second swan. However, access to the different type of schottle drive is proving a problem.


Byron Brown

 brought along a Billing boats ‘Bohuslan’ kit to the club meeting. This kit is long since out of production. It is a very attractive boat with a plank on frame hull.


John Kerr

 continues the modification of a Fairey Huntsman 31 to be a model of ‘Fordsport’


Unlike the kit, fixing the cabin to the hull means that a section of the cabin roof needs to be removable

The cabin front edges can now be changed to the correct shape

The spray rails on Fordsport are arranged differently and are larger than on a standard Huntsman 31


John Barnes

 hasn't actually completed his Bluebird of Chelsea......

....seen here studying Jeff's model to see how it was fitted inside and how the cabins come off for access. 


A few more pictures from the VMYG sailing day



We hope they will come again


And finally....

a club member foolishly sent me a picture of themselves taken some time ago - guess who?


Happy Boating

John K