Newsletter 15 July 2021

From Bill Oliver

Just four years in the building, as and when the mood takes me, the Victory now has her masts and bow sprit.



Now onto the spars, about 13 of them. 

I needed a 'lathe'!

.......using this adjustment rod and my hand drill .....

 This is my lathe completed and working. My drill doesn't have a lock on the proportion speed trigger so I use a small adjustable clamp. At the moment I use a bastard file to reduce and taper the main yard . It's working fine on this 8mm dia, let's hope it'll be good fore the thinner ones. 


From John Kerr

Fordsport is coming on slowly

The flared hull sides requiring a double curvature are quite a challenge

Not 3D printing this month! Brazing together stainless steel sheet and rod to make the rudders  


From Jeff Ayres

Dreamlinia - boat no sink!

Shaft and rudder fitted, it floats in the domestic test tank.


Saturday afternoon sailing

With sound deadening modifications of rubber mounting the motor and barriers made from a cork bath mat, all 5 foot 8 inches of the twice size Sea Commander now purrs around the lake   


The club has been donated this 'Marlin' boat for visitors to have a go. It has 'proper' radio, a 540 motor and goes very nicely.   

Martin Prior was loading torpedoes

while Ken Pond was patrolling the harbour

A lucky escape when the 'spread' of torpedoes went either side of the HDML  


Time to re-load

Now a foreign aircraft carrier is spotted (in the Solent?)

so Ken sends a French 'Mistral' customs launch to investigate

What could be more pleasant than a gentle cruise in a luxury Italian speedboat?


or perhaps the thrill of Deklyn's bargain Helion Rivos - plenty fast enough for Crowborough


How fast does it go mister?

The GPS telemetry shows the maximum achieved was 17.49 MPH



Happy Boating

John K