Newsletter 14 June 2021

From Jeff Ayres

Nearly finished JB's Medea

'Dreamlinea' now has an aluminium boiler cover and funnel (from eBay)

But the question remains what motor to fit?

A classic Taycol Supermarine?

Or a pair of Decaperms?

but probably something new!

From John Kerr

Yet another Fairey Marine boat. John has bought a part-built kit from Steve Wood

Now modifying the kit to be a model of the Huntsman 31 'Ford Sport' as competed in the 1969 Round Britain Powerboat Race

Aligning the new 'keels' for the conversion to twin motors - propshaft front bearings still to be made

converting the cabin sides for the open cockpit

John's Mk1 telemetry sender unit. GPS receiver, Arduino processor and bluetooth transmitter built on top of a battery box

Meanwhile Jean Kerr.......

........ has completed another ship, lining our walls with liners!


May 22nd the first Saturday after COVID restrictions allowed an outdoor gathering sailing was resumed!

Ken Pond's crash tender at our first get-together at the pond  

Ian Pratt's IOW ferry is almost ballasted down to its marks

Although a bit more weight is still required before it is low enough and fully stable

Not a bilge pump - quite the opposite! A pipe became detached from the water pump in Ian's Springer, filling the boat with water

John K was testing his 'Mk1a' telemetry. The processor was interfering with the GPS reception so the aerial was removed and mounted separately....and it worked!

The Bluetooth range covered the whole of the lake.  


This month's video is Martin Pryor's HMS Tiger in the test tank

HMS Tiger


Happy Boating

John K