Newsletter 13 April 2021

From Bill Oliver

At long last the tedium of constructing and fitting dozens of gunport lids is behind me. Now it on to building the masts.
 They are very complex to carve, with sections of octagonal, squares and tapers.
  A very sharp Stanley knife with patience and a steady hand is very useful.  Unfortunately I lack the latter two attributes at times.
The picture below gives an idea. 


From Jeff Ayres

I think I had better join "Ebay Anonymous" as I could not resist the acquisition of a second Streamlinia for restoration.>
The purpose of Topsy is to sail a Streamlinia and avoid running the original on steam.>
Topsy with aluminium hull needs a paint, a suitable motor and radio as well as the prop plus rudder( which I am hoping to obtain from Model Boat bits).
 Rudder and prop will be modelled on the original Streamlinia.

It was sold as having a carved hull implying it was an early BL factory product which clearly was not the case as the carver was not up to BL standard.

What I discovered on receipt is that the wooden hull is strengthening for an aluminium hull which the model actually has. Not mentioned by the seller.
Going through Model Boat Mayhem I have found two entries showing that it may have been built in the 1950s with the hulls sold by a Manchester shop selling BL products.
 Though there is no evidence BL made the hull or that they didn't, they did use aluminium over the years which came from a fabrication factory in St Helens particularly as trays for the steam engines and other parts for the railway products.
Whatever it will serve as a way to preserve my steam one as unsteamed and original and I am finding it difficult enough to sail an electric boat without the challenge of live steam

At the present time i am planking John B's Medea deck and also the superstructure sides rather than use the paper decks.
For the superstructure I am using cherrywood planks from China which give a nice "teak" effect.


From Ian Pratt

Ballasting - Note the socially distanced cars.   

Three pictures taken Wednesday morning just to prove it didn't leak. It took 4pnts of water to ballast without the top deck. Turns on a sixpence.

John Kerr - Minute printed door vents


From John Walcroft

Lockdown 2020/2021: J class 'Endeavour', Riva Aquarama and Morgan Plus 4


Happy Boating

John K