Newsletter 11 February 2021


In August last year, John Walcroft completed his Riva Aquarama model 

The picture of his finished model speaks for itself. It will be great to see it on the water.


Jeff Ayres has completed his Balmoral

lots of detail

passengers a-plenty

The people are 1/50 scale approx., the boat is 1/48. he based the model on a 4ft hull and used an old half-size plan which came with the hull.

The people come painted on eBay, sitting and standing for £2-5 for 50/100 mixed from China. Very useful.

Next is Scud and the Edmund Gardener Pilot Ship all from Camel Ayres Shipyard!


From Mark Waller last summer

Hi, John, You may know that as well as our esteemed and exclusive club,  I belong to the Chailey Repair Café team. During lockdown this operates online. People email in with their repairs and we each offer to tackle anything that looks to be within our skill set. This month a lady sent an email saying she had a model boat that needed repair, so hearing the word ‘boat’ I took it on.

When it arrived it consisted of the  wooden hull of an old schooner with badly cracking paint and a Tupperware box of bits. The sails were faded brown and like cobwebs. Apparently her husband had been given the boat as a teenager in 1955 by an old sea dog (who said it was 100 years old, but I doubt that). He had always intended to restore it ….but it had been in his attic ever since and now he has died. His widow wondered what to do with it!  It had sentimental value for her. She had made new sails for it many years ago - but that was it!


I have attached some photos. As well as polishing up the blackened brass bits and relaying the deck with hardwood planking, I got a friend to make a ships wheel with his 3D printer!  It is amazing what a difference a bit of yacht varnish and rigging cord can make!



From John Kerr, January's 3D printing......

After much research, a 1:24 Falkon winch, as currently fitted to the real Bluebird of Chelsea 

The first of 12 navigation lights printed for the 1:8 scale Fairey Marine boats. They look simple but turned out to be the most challenging print yet


More from Jeff.

An investment in transparent stands for the models that don't detract from the display  

Also when sorting out a suitcase of old photos and he found this photo with note on the back


“Jeff at New Brighton sailing pond Aug 1951”

He was aged 5 at the time. It was of course A No3 Star Yacht.

He wonders if anyone in the club has any earlier record of sailing?



This month's video is a time-lapse of 3D printing a boat

.....if only I had a printer like that one!

See you on Zoom!

John K