Newsletter 1 April 2020

Many thanks to those who sent words and pictures to make our first distanced newsletter

(Please note that the lake pictures were taken before we could only make essential journeys - JK)


From Bill Oliver....

As you guys haven't seen me around for some time I thought I would give you all an update on my JoTika Ltd. 1:72 scale H.M.S. Victory, especially in these days of “lock down” and social isolation.

I picked up this model in February 2019. The build had started, but just the very basis of the hull had been constructed. Since then I have made slow progress. It is a very comprehensive and detailed kit and the instructions advise that it will take between 2500 to 3000 man hours to complete. At my rate of progress it will be a good few more years for to me finish. And even then I have no idea of what to do with it!

I'm finding this model both very satisfying and extremely frustrating. The detail is wonderful, but the shear number of repetitive tasks drives me demented at times. A couple of examples are the copper hull – over 1000 real tiny copper plates to trim and super glue below the water line – some 60 guns to paint and construct each one comprising of more that 35 parts including pulley blocks and rigging.

It is worth mentioning here that I have to rate the customer service of JoTika Ltd as fantastic. I've had willing help and advice over the telephone, supply of missing parts and free replacement components (carronades that had oval barrels).I have found they are always happy to help.

I have attached some photos to show the progress so far. So fellow members please stay safe and keep well, Happy modelling, Bill Oliver

From John Lodder....

Yes we are O.K. thanks...hope you all are fine to.....still working at the moment  delivering many things to keep the country stocked up as much as possible , but I think it wont be long before we stop as many places have already closed......yes I've got plenty of boats sitting waiting on the work bench for a refit or paint.....catch up soon....take care regards John


From Malcolm Place......

I have taken the Scharnhorst to the pond if only to try a few six volt batteries, most of which have seen better days.  I also took the American Enterprise which works off 12 volt lead acid batteries.  I use a 5 volt regulator on a lot of my boats to drop any voltage down for the receiver which saves having two sets of batteries.


From Steve Pears.....

As house move is on hold ( although not lost…. Yet ) and with no workshop, tools in storage and have been considered a key worker ( laugh ! )  I’m still at work so had to bring the boats with me and have poached any space in containers on site

Keep well everyone, Steve

From Deklyn ......

Hope everyone is well and keeping safe. I’m still at work at the moment, as building sites have not totally closed down, yet! Dominic and myself went up to the lake last weekend. Water looks very clear.We sailed his new catamaran, which he promptly turned over, no option but to wade in and get it. Bit cold. We also took the new power boat (helion rivos), I bought off market place, for the grand total of £5. Initially I got it for spares, but on inspection it only needed a new propeller, transmitter & battery.Had the battery, new prop was £3 and transmitter was £20. So all in all a good buy.It has a brushed motor 550 can size I think, running on 2s lipo with an low voltage alarm fitted. Goes very well. To see the 30 second video, click the link below. It will show after a short while.


From Charles Bowley......

Today I finished the GRP mould for my latest build, which is a 12m Swedish Lifeboat in 1:12 scale. I hope to mould the actual hull this week.

Stay well. Regards, Charles


From Malcolm Payne.....

My fishing boat is almost complete and only the hull needs painting but unfortunately I did not have the foresight to buy some from the hardware store prior to Lockdown. I have some paint in the garage but most of the cans are unusable. I have not found this project easy and I naively thought it would all go together like an Airfix Kit in a couple of evenings. How wrong I was with these thoughts! The result was a Love\Hate relationship with my boat. The hate part has now passed and now I am fairly pleased with my efforts with some room I am sure for improvements for the next project. It has turned out she is not a bad old bird after all. lol

Keep Well! and stay 2 metres away from everyone outside the household, Cheers, Malcolm


From Jeff Ayres...... 

Present position of Atlantic Challenger II



From John Barnes..............

Oh what strange times we are all living through at the moment, it seems only a few days ago we could be close to our loved ones, but now we have to endure enforced separation for some weeks to come.

With the sun shining the workshop has been warm enough to spend a few hours building my Deans Marine kit of 'S Y Medea'  an elegant steam yacht named after a women in Greek mythology, the full size yacht was built on a steel hull and fitted out with exotic timbers. After a chequered career she remains afloat having served in 3 Navy's under 6 national flags and was completed in 1904 in 51 days,...I am embarrassed to say I have taken far more days to complete this model than it took to build the full size vessel. But with a mug of tea, a chocolate digestive and radio BBC 4, I can busy myself for a few hours, completing the model, although one of Jeans Rockie Roads would be better !!  

Needing a few bits and bobs I spoke to the kind lady and her son at Cornwall Model Boats, they continue to remain open for business for as long as they can although deliveries are likely to take longer to arrive, due to the heavy load the Post Office are under at the moment.

I hope all our fellow club members are holding up well during these testing times, I have stopped watching every bit of news, there is just too much information at the moment about the virus.

Best wishes to all, stay safe and hope to meet up at the lake very soon. John B


and from John Kerr........

I have changed my Tamiya rowing boat to voice control. I have used similar technology to Mark, but all different! I have used the 'Arduino Voice' free app on my phone to send characters by bluetooth, an HC06 bluetooth slave in the boat to pair with the phone, a Picaxe 08m2 to run the control program that I have written, and a 3.7v AA size lipo to power the processors and servo. The drive motor has a separate battery in the bow. Due to the relaxed speed of the model I didn't feel it necessary to have any conventional radio control as backup. 

Stay safe, stay well, John K