Beale Park Show 5/5/2019

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The 'inside' lake at Beale Park

Clubs set up gazebos along one side

An excellent boat stand

Martin takes advantage of being first on the water

Some boats for sale

'Looks like we got us a convoy'

 A very large RTTL - not the wheeled trolley

Plenty of vistors admired the boats

Crowborough's pitch

Crawley hydrofoils with 3D printed parts

More 3D printing inside these

Grey is the 'in' colour these days

classic yachts

a successful model of an unsuccessful craft


Aylesbury model boat club

a pair of large RAF crash tenders

a sort of caravan boat from Guildford

Jean's slipper launch appropriate for the Thames

one day they will be completed

The trucks had there own indoor display area

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