Sumner's Ponds 2016


Steam powered stern wheeler with 5 rudders!


How things have changed

A scratch built 6 foot long P.S. Waverley

A pair of Queens

There were also model cars ........

.... trains, tanks, planes, kites etc etc. 


Ark Royal with Swordfish - now where's that Bismark?

Fetch me my slipper!

Mainly used to guard Arctic convoys - HMS Howe........

......And from the Arctic came the Minions

Bob's new destroyer.......

.....should be able to see these off - size isn't everything

If you have weed or aligators in your lake, you need one of these

A huge, 3-part,  QE2 under construction

I recommend 'Fertan'

Not 'Under Seige' at the time 

Loads of containers

This USS Kittyhawk had an amazing light display

Quick there are a few loungers unoccupied!

Sumner's Ponds is a great place to sail

I'm glad we didn't have to rescue this one for our 2016 challenge!