Sumner's Ponds June 2017

Our pitch amoung many, many others

One side of Ribbon lake

The Island (on the right) can be accessed via a bridge

Terry gave a demonstration of his hydrofoil

Up on the foils

Maritn's new submarine attracted great interest from the public

We sensed that Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn were smoking  

The lake has a Norfolk Broads air about it

Including this traditional style Broads yacht. Although the original was built at Hunter's Yard recently

Tea time on this Margoletta Broads cruiser.....

.....and actually being served on this punt

This Cornish Shrimper would not be out of place on the Broads.....

....... neither would this woodwork!

Not Norfolk Wherries, but some of the 1/24 scale Thames Barges

Please don't call it a barge, it's an accurate model of a Stowe Hill narrowboat


It adds realism to have someone steering the boat....

....or driving the vehicle

Realism came from explosions around the Portsmouth display team's wartime convoy

We're all Happy Hobby Modellers

Not everything went smoothly. A hippo receiving open heart surgery...

....and I was grateful to the RNLI and some 'International Rescue'