14th April 2018

The start of Saturday afternoon sailings from 2:30pm

Brunnel would have found launching Great Eastern much easier had cam-belts been avalable

Martin Pryor's type 23 U boat, on the surface

Inside the hull showing the torpedo tubes and the diving bag within the cylinder

Ken Pond has restored a yacht he had built some years ago

John Shepherd's fine slipper launch

Jeff Ayres' SS Talacre steam coaster

The slipper launch under way

Action man preparing to make waves

SS Talacre at sea 

Ripmax Carlson tug seems to be at full steam ahead 

Dave Walsh's dynamic diving U boat

Another of Ken Pond's restored craft awaiting a new searchlight

40mhz or 27mhz radio control is best for submarines. Hence the long aerial

Meanwhile, indoors.................

Bill Oliver's Victory has only 2,000 hours of building still to do

Each of the gun ports is next to be lined with stripwood, set in 1mm from the surface

Some of the 'millions' of minute etched brass, copper, white metal and wood detail fittings

Gun carriages. The larger wheels go at the front to compensate for the curve of the deck.  

Each gun has about 20 parts

Below water hull planking will eventually be covered in hundreds of individual real copper plates