Good Friday

Start of Season 2017

From boot fair to impressive model - Chris J's lifeboat

Quite a construction is Ian's Stern Wheeler

Japanese submaine NOT found in Pearl Harbour

Maiden voyage of Jeff's Waverley

Visiting families were amazed to see the Sidney the swan......... 

....and Malcolm's duck being well behaved and under (radio) control


2017 challenge - rowing boats

With much hilarity and banter the first run of the 2017 challenge took place: 'The Natives' were steered with the transmitter upside down. 'Polar Stealth' caught on the first buoy and circumnavigated it many times before getting free. The boat 'Crowborough' turned one way much better than the other and the breeze conspired to make this worse. It is debatable which of the craft went the furthest to complete the course. 'Action Man' took the relaxed approach to rowing, whereas the Natives were manic! Two other rowing boats were there on the day: one has no radio control as yet, and the other was a terrfying monster that is too large for the competition. There are several other rowing models in the club that were not competing on the day and it is hoped that they, along with general steering improvements, will make for a closer second running of the event later in the year.       

Easter eggs were won by Action Man for both Concours and Best Engineered, and Oarsome for fastest time.

name boat time
1st John Kerr Oarsome 66.5
2nd Mark Waller Natives 84.5
3rd Mark Waller Action Man 153
4th Ian Pratt Crowborough 217.5
5th John Barnes Polar Stealth Rower 262
Jeff Ayres Straight Runner DNS

The team effort from native Americans

The big elapsed times required a big clock

Tamiya based 'Oarsome' winner of the fastest time

Action Man was out for a relaxed row

Ian's extended boat 'Crowborough' probably went the furthest...... others watched

Mark's Action Man won both concours and best enginered

John B's Polar Stealth Rower spent some time at the first buoy


And there's more boats......

Er.... what is this?....... Oh, it's one of Mark's inventions!

Ben tried his hand at a steering challenge

Steve has restored this Sea Rover

Ken's river tug

Under new ownership

Ben's Diva

Nordkap fish not stacked quite right?

People crowded onto the ferry 'Royal Iris'......

.... and set off for the other side .......

.... and a few days later on the Thames

Ken has restored this Aerokits Crash Tender

Some of John S's models

A customs launch restored and under new ownership

A very enjoyable day