Southern Model Show 2018


Headcorn 8th September 2108

A two person lift

Chilly enough for this hovercraft to have on a fur coat 

Steering can be a lot more bover with a hover 

A Waverley under constriction

Surface warships

A rare Maycraft Mercury


Viva Riva


Over, on and under the sea

I am a Freeman!

I disagree, there weren't any fish in the pond

Separated from the convoy

Tugs were everywhere

Big boats are always impressive

Unusual boat construction technique......

.......It's all I know

On tow

Only just deep enough

Amphibious doesn't worry about the depth

Very detailed tugs

An idea for a Springer?

No skipper, just his slipper!

Matching gazebos is so last year!


Shallow water Captain - 'Astute' of you to warn me.

A Wavemaster

I name this ship Marilyn....again?

Not just boats and planes - you can build your own Lambo.