LIONS day at Crowborough

1st september 2018


Perfect blue sky and crystal clear water - What a day!

The Lions' bookstall

Boats arriving

Arran Mail / Arran Rose - Crossing the line?

Crossbow challenge

Popcorn and Candy Floss

All those seats inside....

.....and now a brushless motor

A rare sight - a Hammersmith Model Makers Ltd. Wavemaster

Arran Rose and Brumah 

Assurance class rescue tug W87 (HMS Stormking) before re-balasting


Cranberry Isle Lobsteryacht

Police crash tender


Not yet available as a kit!

Send a gunboat


Now, where did I keave the balast?

Still unfinished Banckert

More on RMS Titanic later with our Southampton outing

Comet under new management

Sailing off into the sunset