Club outing September 2018

Southampton Sea City and SS Shieldhall

Model boats of various sizes in the Sea City museum

Including this 7 metre long model of Queen Mary!

Jean steers Titanic down Southampton Water (the simulator - we're not that old)

We meet our tour guide who explains many fascinating Titanic related points of interest as we walk to the ship

Easy to confuse, but we want the ship on the right!

A proper ship!

We set sail

We head up Southampton Water past the docks.....

......and past the boat show at Mayflower Park

Much whistling was exchanged between ships but....

......Shieldhall has the most impressive steam siren  

Shieldhall turns to head seaward

Admiral Barnes carries out his inspection.....

....while Martin is lost in thought

All four cruises were due to leave on the same tide

Everyone had access to the engine room and the (very hot) boiler room

The two triple expansion engines with lots of exposed moving parts

News spreads that one of the cruise ships had to re-berth as soon as it had set off 

We couldn't dock until it had finally departed

John seems happy to get an extended trip

Straight from rail to ship - car exports. This one mainly carrying JLR's

Shieldhall turns to await the final cruise ship's departure

We dock after the extended cruise

Time to go home after a very full day