Boat club outing 2017 on Waverley

1st October 2017


Mark grabbed this image from Tower Bridge webcam of Waverley coming to get us all!

Loading at Gravesend. Martin and Theresa can be seen, already on board

Under the Queen Elizabeth II bridge (Dartford Crossing)

Three people to run the engine (and drink tea)

Three cyclinders laying horizontal, an impressive sight

Single crankshaft, with no independent control of the paddles

Under the Emirates Air Line (Greenwich side) They speed-up in rush hour!

The tiny dots on the right of the roof are people on the walking tour over the O2

The only way is up, now that good foundations can be made in London clay 

A privilege to have the bridge opened for us

Yes, the mast does clear the walkway

The bridge cannot be re-opened for 30 minutes. A tug was attached to turn Waverley back downstream

From grey day to black. We docked back in Gravesend in the dark

A terrific day out