not just club members

Inspired by the 'Vintage Model Yacht Group' and 'Bring Back Toy Boats', the challenge for 2024 is to build and sail a free-running monohull pond yacht. It must be no more than 18 inches overall length and no more than 8 inches deep (to allow for a dry summer!). There can be no radio control and, to keep it simple, Vane gear or 'Braine' may not be used. This challenge is to replicate the fun of free sailing pond yachts and toy boats of the past 200 years before radio control..

These yachts will compete in three events:

Sail Straight - Score points by aiming then releasing the boat and it going between the coloured buoys. 5 points for a bull, 3 for the next, 1 for an outer, 0 for a complete miss

Be the fastest - Two at a time knockout racing across the pond.

Concours d'elegance - The most boat-like and best made craft as judged by a non-competitor. Bonus points awarded for building the boat yourself.

The combined results will also be used within the club to calculate the club member who wins the Bob Morrison Trophy for 2024.


Like all of our competitions this is for fun! Luck will be required for your yacht to sail accurately in a straight line and for the wind to be advantages to you.

Be aware that the course will be set out at 90 degrees to the prevailing wind on the day - square rigged boats are unlikely to be successful.

Build a yacht and be lucky!