The challenge for 2023 is to build a free-running solar powered model boat to compete in events to be held in the summer at Centenary lake. The boat cannot be larger than 205mm x 65mm although a rudder can overhang at the stern. Design your own or use free plans from the club. The power is provided by two 60mmx60mm solar panels and a 3-6volt 500 size solar motor. These are obtained at cost from the club from January 2023. It is expected that the cost of this set of items will be around 10. The only thing that can be between the panels and the motor is a switch, but a switch is not necessary. No batteries, no capacitors, no radio control! It will be necessary to make or purchase a propshaft and prop. As a guide most previous models have been fitted with a 2mm diameter shaft and a 28mm plastic prop. You can make and enter more than one boat.

Boats built for the original 2007 Marine Modelling International challenge and the 2011 Crowborough Club Challenge (shown below) should already conform to these specifications.

See the pictures of the 2011 challenge days .... Challenge I    Challenge II

It is intended that there will be four challenges in the day's competition:

Straight running - Score points by aiming then releasing the boat and it going between the coloured buoys. 5 points for a bull, 3 for the next, 1 for an outer, 0 for a complete miss

Nomination - Most accurate guess of the time your boat will take to get to a gate set out on the lake.

Races - Two at a time knockout racing along a straight course.

Concours d'elegance - The most boat-like and best made craft as judged by a non-competitor.

The combined results will be used to calculate the club member who wins the Bob Morrison Trophy for 2023.

See a video of this boat going


Some pictures from testing on Good Friday 2011