2019 Springer Challenge and a visit to Shoreham

Following bad weather earlier in the year, the 2019 challenge was run in September

Challenge pictures courtesy of Malcolm Payne


Each competitor ranked the models for the concours section of the competition


Each model was released in line with the gate.......

......and then left to manouvre the barge through the gate as many times as possible in the time allowed

but manoeuvring (a controlled change in movement or direction) was not easy

However, the sideways approach (barging?) proved effective

Whilst the concours and barge positions were summed, we got ready for some football

Rules? what rules?

No training and no 'Special One' and this is what you get

Boats everywhere but nowhere near the ball

And this year's winner is (dramatic pause) .........

Mark Waller!


A visit to Swiss Cottage club (Shoreham by Sea)

The visiting Crowborough and Crawley clubs enjoying the sunshine

The Swiss Cottage pub at one end of the lake.......

.....where Sunday lunch is being prepared!

The low-level section built for launching and recovering models

Marker buoys to steer around....

.... and a very comfortable place to steer from

A very pleasant day