2018 Challenge - Air Boats


This year the challenge is to make a boat powered by air reaction that can navigate a slalom course against the clock.

The boat must be radio controlled and be able to be brought to a halt (stopping will be part of the course).

 Not stopping within the canal for 5 seconds will attract a 10 second penalty.

Only one propeller may be used with a maximum of 5.5 inches diameter. Battery power is limited to 7.4volts (2s)

The boats are to have some form of protection around the propeller

This specification allows the use of the 'Swamp Dawg' commercially available boat. 

Whilst not a steering competition, the course will be arranged so that turning ability will be more important than speed. It will not be necessary to go backwards  

The model can be purchased, built from a kit or scratch built, any size, with any motor.

The event is intended to be held on Good Friday 2018 and again in July


On Good Friday are prizes for: 

Shortest time around the course (Bob Morrison Shield)

Best looking boat (concours d'elegance). Realism will be taken into account.


The course


There are plenty of examples of boats to make on the net

Good luck!