2017 Challenge - rowing boats


This year the challenge is to make a boat of less than 55cm (21.5 inches) in length that is propelled by rowing action.

The boat must be radio controlled in order to steer around a very simple course (no tight turns or reversing required).

Propulsion must be solely by human style rowing action with only one blade each side. Paddle wheels are not allowed

The boat can be steered by rudder or by varying the motion of each oar (or both)

There is no limit to the motor(s) or power that can be used.

The model can be purchased, built from a kit or scratch built.

The event is intended to be held on Good Friday 2017




There will be prizes for:

Shortest time around the course

Best looking boat (concours d'elegance). Realism will be taken into account.

Best home-made or scratch-built mechanism (not a kit).   


There are plenty of examples on Youtube:

From extremely simple.......


Through kits......

Tamiya rowboat kit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae0AIhz2yHY

To very, very sohisticated 



Good luck!